The Dinka People of Southern Sudan

Dinka — The Book

Available November 2008

African Ceremonies, Inc. and Timeless Art Productions are proud to announce the publication of DINKA, a collection of photographs by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith. The book will be released in fall 2008. DINKA is a monumental 30-year review of the Dinka people containing 224 pages and more than 120 photographic images with personal accounts from Fisher and Beckwith. This is a one-of-a-kind collector's edition, bound in a fabric-covered presentation box and includes your choice of one of five high-quality prints, suitable for framing.

• DINKA contains a new collection of photographs capturing the splendor, human dignity and magnificent drama of the Dinka people and their cattle camps — life on the Nile as you have never seen it.

• The images, by world famous photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, span nearly 30 years of Dinka life.

The book has been generously underwritten by Timeless Art Productions, whose mission is to make this documentation a contribution to Dinka history, to the human record and to complete funding for the remaining fieldwork of Fisher and Beckwith. The book is not for sale but will be given to sponsors who contribute $1250 to African Ceremonies, Inc. (nonprofit foundation, 501-c3). The first 500 of these collector's editions will be available in November 2008. Contributions are used to help Fisher and Beckwith complete their photographic fieldwork, help with community building projects in Africa and provide some scholarships to Dinka refugees in the USA.


“We were captivated by the curves of the long, twisted horns of the cattle silhouetted against the evening sky. Each horn had been individually trained as it grew, its curve guided by the herder’s hands into a graceful shape which he would often imitate with his arms as he moved among the animals. The Dinka believe that their animals are a connection to the spirit world, and each Dinka man sees his namesake ox, given to him at puberty, as a twin soul, the epitome of strength and beauty. Throughout life, he identifies with this animal, caring for it, composing poetry in its honour, and believing that he and the animal are one.”